Last day of entry xx of June 2020

ALL official trials/tests must be registered through ”SSRK-PROV”. Registration instructions HERE
Registration for RALLY OBEDIENCE is HERE
Registration for AGILITY is HERE

Registration for the SHOW and TITLES are HERE

Registration for TRY-OUT TOLLING is HERE

NOTE! ONLY payment for the show and for the workingtest shall be made to Tollarspecialens account at Swedbank.
ALL other competitions must be payed for through SBK-Tävling, SSRK-Prov or SAgiK-Tävling.
USE DIBS! This applies to both Swedish and foreign entries.

Registration fee for the show and for the workingtest shall be payed to bankgiro 5086-9569 of Swedbank,
payees: Svenska Tollarklubben/Specialen.

Foreign payers must specify the following:
IBAN account no: SE9180000821499343549094
Note! No space, dots or dashes must occur in the IBAN number!
If your bank requires an adress, you can use this:
Norrevärnsgatan 16B, 243 32 Höör

Foreign payers have to pay 15 SEK extra for the bank fee.

Specify participating dogs registration number and registered names at the payment. All registrations and
payments must be registered at Tollarklubben no later than the last day of entry. Be sure to mark your payment with your name and email address so we can find your payment in the event of a refund.

Foreign participants:
You shall create an account at SBK-tävling or SSRK-prov. This means that owners of foreign dogs must send a copy
of the pedigree to before the dog can be entered. When you enter your dog in SBK-tävling/SSRK-prov, it will say that the registration must be verified by SKK. Be sure to enter the exact same registration number on the dog found in ”Hunddata” on Indicate country instead of club you are competing for.


Obedience Startclass – 150 SEK
Obedienceclass I+II – 250 SEK
Obedienceclass III – 300 SEK
All Tollinghunt trial classes – 400 SEK
All Working test classes – 250 SEK
Try-out tolling – 150 SEK
All Agility classes (Jump/Agility) – 100 SEK
junior, youngster, field, open and championclass – 300 SEK
puppy classes, class for disq. faults & seniorclass – 200 SEK
veteranclass – 0 SEK


  • The dog must have reached their age class by the same day of the show and the day before for the other tests.
  • Only one start per dog, either Tollinghunt trial OR Workingtest
  • If you are to compete for the Junior/Tollarmästartiteln you must simultaneously notify both the tollingtest and the show, and tick it on the Online Registration on the website.
  • Swedish-born exported dogs are notified of their Swedish registration number. For foreign-born dogs a copy of the pedigree must accompany the entry.
  • Any copies shall be scanned and sent by email to:


For participation in Tollarspecialen, a membership in Swedish Tollerclub is required.