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Southern Scania has a lot to offer – take the opportunity to have a lovely holiday in our beautiful landscape!

  • Visit Skåne – Your guide to Skåne, https://visitskane.com/
  • Destination Svedala, https://www.svedala.se/uppleva/destination-svedala/
  • Svaneholm Castle, https://svaneholmsslott.se/ A short journey from the stress and noise of big cities like Malmö and Copenhagen there is a beautiful oasis where it feels as if time has stood still. For more than 500 years, the beautiful Svaneholm Castle has looked out over Swan Lake and today it is a unique experience where you can visit the museum, the castle restaurant, the hiking trails around the beautiful lake and the castle park. Svaneholm Castle has something for all visitors, offering beautiful nature, culture and history for both young and old.
  • Skurup Söderslätt’s Garden Association at Svaneholm Castle, http://www.skurupsoderslatt.se/
  • Tourist in Skurup, Start page (English) – Skurups kommun
  • Charming excursion destinations on Söderslätt & the South Coast, Good life in the country
  • The castle run in Österlen, https://www.slottsrundan.se/ Visit five Scanian castles, a monastery and a medieval castle that are part of the Castle Tour. What is the Castle Tour? ”…a collection of estates and farms in and around Österlen that welcome visitors, during the summer or all year round. All seven are unique cultural treasures and all are tied together by beautiful South Scanian roads.”
  • Historic castles in Skåne, Castles & strongholds | Visit Skåne (visitskane.com) For those interested in history, Skåne is a perfect destination – the distances are short and you can easily manage a whole range of sights in the course of just one day. Explore everything from the intricate death traps of medieval burghers and ancient haunted castle corridors to beautiful castle gardens. Here we have collected a selection of the region’s castles, for those of you who fancy a journey through both time and space.
  • The Aviation Museum, http://www.stenbacksflygmuseum.com/info Stenbäck’s flight museum is more than a museum. It is a community for aviation enthusiasts all over the country. We organize exhibitions and build flight simulators, but most important of all are our meetings. One Tuesday evening every month we get together to build models, watch flight videos or just drink a cup of coffee and talk.
  • Museum of Memories, https://johannamuseet.se/ Welcome to the Johanna Museum, a technical and general museum and also one of Skåne’s largest individual museums with vintage cars, motorcycles, everyday items for home and workplace, musical machines, toys, cafe and gift shop.
  • Don’t miss the fantastic megalithic monument Ales stenar by Kåseberga, where you can also buy freshly smoked fish down in the harbour, https://ystad.se/turism/se-och-gora/kaseberga-och-ales-stenar/
  • In Wallander’s footsteps, https://ystadskommun.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapTour/index.html?appid=d066af698f414a009cd5cef5b9c16b42


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