Information for volunteers

Sign up to help:

As a kennel, activity group or a group of friends you are able to ”reserve” a hunting box on the field tests. This means that you are responsible to arrange the volunteers in place for a whole day in that box. You have the opportunity to set up the kennel flag and information about your business if you like. Sign up at

These have signed up:

  • Drivkraftens
  • Renarders
  • Agrosofens
  • Fågelsjöns
  • Boxbliss
  • Marielundsbäckens
  • Andrummets

We need lots of volunteers!

Tolling Field Trial:
be shooter, sit in the boat, lay out birds in search area and direction, throwing birds in marking, secretary to the judge, deliver snacks and lunch to judge and other volunteers.

be shooter, lay out dummies in search area and direction, throwing marking dummies, deliver snacks and lunch to judge and other volunteers.

help to put up the tent, set up tables and chairs, set up ribbons, put up rings, deliver snacks to judge and ring steward.

assist in everything else