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We will have a veterinarian on site during Saturday afternoon between 14 – 16 at the hunting trial site in Svedala, to help you who are going to Norway with deworming. Cost SEK 100.

Participating foreign dogs must be brought into Sweden in accordance with the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s current
import regulations for dogs.

Participating dogs and other dogs that are allowed to enter the area must be vaccinated against distemper as follows:

  • Dog under one (1) year of age: at least ten (10) weeks of age.
  • Dogs over one (1) year of age: dogs must be vaccinated at least ten (10) months of age and not be performed more than four (4) years ago.
  • First-time vaccination must be done at least fourteen (14) days before the day of the test, competition, description and/or exhibition.

Compliance with applicable import and vaccination regulations may be checked.
Furthermore, SKK recommends that participating dogs are also vaccinated against parvovirus infection and parainfluenza (kennel cough)

We have had a few cases of Leptospirosis in Skåne and it is up to everyone to choose whether you want to vaccinate or not. If you choose that the dog needs first one shot and then a booster dose are required after 4 weeks for best protection.