Working Test


Unofficial working test (C-test novice, open and elite class). For competing tollers, membership of Svenska Tollarklubben is required.

Judges: Arne Andersson, Jan-Inge Glenberg och Göran Larsson

Startinglist Workingtest

PM Workingtest

  • In Beginner Class, no shots will be fired at each station, however, shots will be fired.
  • You can register without a shot in Nkl and get points, but outside the competition. Those dogs start last.
  • in Open Class and Elite Class, shots are fired at each station

Right to compete:
1. If the numbers of competitors must be limited, lots will be drawn.
2. Females in heat is not allowed to enter the test area.
3. Only one start per dog, either the official Tolling Field Trial test OR Working test

– Noviceclass (nkl)
For dogs older than 9 months.  Once starting in Ökl WT, Ökl Field Trial/ Tolling Field Trial, the dog is not allowed to go back to Nkl.

– Openclass (ökl)
For dogs that received 75% of maximum points on WT in Nkl (points on every station is required). Once starting in Ekl WT, Ekl Field Trial/ Tolling Field Trial, the dog is not allowed to go back to Ökl.

– Eliteclass (ekl)
For dogs that twice reached 75% of maximum points on WT in Ökl (points on every station is required). Or have started in Ekl WT, Ekl Field Trial/ Tolling Field Trial

Maximum points/station = 20 points
No finals will be held later in the day. Highest overall
score/grade is class winner in the WT. Most 20 points,
19 p, 18 p, etc. determine the same number of points
until the dogs can be separated.