Sunday 8th of August

Unofficial Conformation

Ring 1
Judge: Moa Persson
Puppy I (4+10) + Disq. faults (7+3) + Youngster class (7+9)

Ring 2
Judge: Gudrun Brunnström
Puppy II (4+1) + Field trial class (16+22)

Ring 3
Judge: Lena Rollmar
Open class (13+20) + Veteran class (3+4)

Ring 4
Judge: Jan-Erik Ek
Junior class (13+16) + Champion class (1+5) + Senior class (2+4)

We would also like to remind you that neutered male dogs should be entered in the class of disqualifying faults. This means they can not compete for the Tollermaster titles or for the Best Champion with hunting merit.

Following classes:

  • Puppyclass I 4-6 months
  • Puppyclass II 6-9 months
  • Juniorclass 9-18 months
  • Youngsterclass 15-24 months
  • Field trail class from 15 months
    Open for dogs with at least a 3rd prize on an official field trial in a Nordic country. Foreign dogs with Working Class Certificate (WCC) is allowed to enter this class. Attach the WCC with the entry.
  • Open class from 15 months
  • Senior class 8-10 year
  • Veteran class from 10 year
  • Champion class
    Open for dogs that has earned a Show Championship, regardless nationality. A Swedish Champion must enter Champion class, unless the dog is older than 8 years old when the dog can be entered in senior or veteran class instead OR the field trial class if you have the hunting merit.
  • Class for disqualifying faults
    Open for all dogs, no regards to age, with any disqualifying faults according to breed standard and including neutered male dogs.
  • Kids with dog – entry on site, cost 40 SEK.
  • Tollermaster and Juniortollermaster are announced this day. This years game tracking toller is also announced this day.


  • The dog must have reached the age for the class the same day as the show.
  • Only one show class can be entered.
  • Swedishborn exported dogs shall be entered with the Swedish registration number. For foreign born dogs a copy of the pedigree must be attached to the entry.
  • To compete for the Juniortollermaster or Tollermaster title, entries must be made for BOTH field and
  • For competing tollers membership of Svenska Tollarklubben is required.