Unofficial Conformation

This year, paying classes for the exhibition are registered via SKK internet notification.

In order to register via SKK internet registration, membership in the organizing club is required, even foreign exhibitors must have membership in the Swedish toller club.

Dogs to be entered must be registered in a kennel organization approved by FCI. For foreign dogs, this means that the dog needs to be on SKK’s register.

If the dog is not in SKK’s dog register, a copy of the registration certificate with pedigree can be sent to SKK to enter the dog in SKK’s register. Once the dog is entered in the register, it is possible to enter .

Registration fee is paid at the same time as the registration is made through the web service. With credit cards; MasterCard or VISA. After your payment has been made, you will receive an internet receipt with confirmation that your notification has been received.

Since we have a senior class and disqualifying class that is not available at official exhibitions, these classes are named differently when you are going to register your dog.

Egenklass 1 = Senior class (8-10 years old)
Egenklass 2 = Disqualifying class

Registration for the Exhibition’s Veteran class (10 years and older) you will find HERE

  • To compete for the Juniortollermaster or Tollermaster title, entries must be made for BOTH field and
  • For competing tollers membership of Svenska Tollarklubben is required.

Last day to register is Monday June 20 at 12.00